Kristanna Loken

Guest Updates and More!

Sorry for the less than inspiring title. I damn near got my arm ripped off in a jiu jitsu class yesterday, so the brain, it is less than completely focused. But the news stops for no one!

Kristanna Loken

  • Kristanna Loken, former Terminator in one of the lesser movies, is going to be at Long Beach Comic Con. Heh, I have a story about looking down the shirt of another female Terminator semi-accidentally at a con. Actually, that’s about 90% of the story right there. Although I’m willing to bet it would be more impressive with Loken.
  • Away Mission: Orlando added a bunch of Star Trek guests: Ferengi actors Armin Shimerman and Max Grodénchik, as well as illustrator Rick Sternbach.Just for fun, they also threw in David Nykl from “Stargate: Atlantis.”
  • Anime Expo announced a trio of guests of honor: anime director Seiji Mizushima, as well as voice actors Toshiyuki Morikawa and Taliesin Jaffe.
  • The Russ Manning Awards were announced by Comic Con International.
  • Albuquerque Comic Expo ran out of rooms at its main hotel, but they have a backup. They also posted their meeting Stan Lee rules. Sigh, I miss the good ol’ days where you could walk right up to Stan and get his signature. That was just when he was old, though, as opposed to… older?
  • Gencon put a ton of info online. Their anime schedule is up, as is their film schedule. Their events catalog has been updated, and with more detail.
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Anime Expo Wants You…

… to be interviewed. Assuming you are a cosplayer, anyway. They have media outlets looking for con goers in costume to be interviewed, you have a costume… magic waiting to happen! Just click on the above link and do what it says. Do it. Also, electronic dance group NIRGILIS is a musical guest of honor.

  • I don’t have a link for this, because it was sent to me as a press release and I can’t find the news update on their website, but Stan “The Man” Lee is going to be at Pittsburgh Comicon. No details yet as to what he’ll be doing there, but he will indeed be there.
  • Speaking of press releases, I have another one from Anime Midwest announcing Sean “Goku” Schemmel, Ellen “GLADOS” McLain, musician John Patrick “Ellen Maclain’s Husband” Lowrie and martial arts instructors Samurai Dan and Lady Jillian.
  • Artist David Finch is a spotlight guest at New York Comic Con.
  • Travis “Fire in the Sky” Walton will be a speaker at The Scarefest.
  • Voice actors Carli Mosier and Bryan Massey will be at San Japan.
  • And finally, A-Kon is open for online registration!
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Hero Comics 2011

Original Sandman Team Reunites and Other News Updates

Hero Comics 2011Going to San Diego this year? Have I got news for you – you have a chance to get first dibs on a new collaboration by Neil Gaiman, Mike Dringenberg and Sam Kieth, the original team from the Vertigo Comics classic “Sandman.” How you ask? They have created a nine-page story for “Hero Comics 2011,” the latest book from the Hero Initiative, available for the first time at Comic Con International. So not only do you get an awesome story, but you get to help out a good cause as well.

  • I don’t know if they are a good cause or not, but comic artists Stephane Roux and Tim Townsend will be at Megacon.
  • Star Trek Vancouver has their schedule up.
  • Cincinnati Comic Expo has posted their costume contest rules.
  • A lot of cons are using Guidebook as a virtual convention guide, which is awesome. But as the app is only on iPhone and Android, what do you do if you have a Blackberry, WP7, or any other smartphone? Good news, is now live, allowing you to check it out from any internet-enabled device.
  • Check out the artwork for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Makes me feel like busting out the old Genesis. Although to really fulfill my retro-geek sensibilities, it should have had the black pinstriped boxes the original Genesis games had.Portland Retro Gaming Expo
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Martin Landau

All the News Not From E3!

Martin LandauSeems like all the news today is about all the new video game stuff coming out of E3. But that’s not a fan convention, so you won’t hear squat about it here! Hah!

  • I don’t know why, but I love it when people you don’t usually associate with fan conventions are at fan conventions. Which leads me to telling you that Martin Landau, who yes, was once a genre actor, but has himself a shiny Oscar, is going to be at Fan Expo Canada. So is horror actress Danielle Harris, but that’s slightly less surprising.
  • Albuquerque Comic Expo has added a couple of last minute guests — horror comic icon Bernie Wrightson and wacky comic sidekick extraordinaire Nicholas Brendon. And when you are signing up for your tickets, on the very same webpage, you can make a donation to the Hero Initiative as well.
  • One of my all-time favorite comic writers is going to be at Kids Read Comics 2011: John Ostrander.
  • One of my other all-time favorite comic writers is going to be at Long Beach Comic Con: Mark Waid. Also colorist Beth Sotelo, whom I don’t really know, but she’s easier on the eyes than Waid.
  • Manga artists Izumi Matsumoto and Fred Gallagher are the latest guests of honor announced at Anime Expo.
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Anime Expo

Everything’s Anime Expo and Other News Updates

Anime ExpoHey Conmaniacs, hope you all had a fun time while I was at BotCon. I had a blast — I got to talk to the creators and actors from “Transformers Prime,” find out more about the upcoming Transformers prodcuts, and got some great video for some upcoming feature stuff. Speaking of which, I have to make some phone calls about some interviews I partially set up. But in the meantime, on with the news!

  • Anime Expo announced a hat trick of guests today. That would be three, for you sports hating nerds out there. Vocaloid singer Onyx Kobayashi is a guest of honor and will participate in a meet-and-greet, autograph session and a focus panel where he will discuss his work as a composer, designer and writer. Moderating all Vocaloid-related events will be publisher, editor and journalist Toshihiro Fukuoka. And if that weren’t enough, five-girl dance troupe DANCEROID (if Japanese professional wrestling has taught me anything, all caps means they are evil) will also be appearing and performing.
  • Speaking of performing, there’s a chance for you to do it at AX. Although I refuse to use the phrase that is used as a television dancing competition in this bullet point, if you believe you have suitable dancing ability, you’ve got a shot at rocking the stage of Club Nokia in Anime Expo’s Center Stage dancing competition. Which honestly, might be worth competing in just for the opportunity to rock out on the stage at Club Nokia. Seriously, that’s a big ticket venue.
  • And I lied slightly — it’s just mostly Anime Expo. Megacon made a couple guests announcements as well, oddly split up, but I have a purpose for mentioning the way they announced them. From “Robot Chicken,” Matt Senreich and Zeb Wells are showing up. Also announced in a separate tweet were comic guys Ethan Van Sciver, Chuck Dixon and, once again, Zeb Wells. Interesting thing about this: Ethan and Chuck are known for being two of the more vocal conservative guys in the comics industry. Zeb… not so much. Although in a completely unrelated note, go watch Zeb’s old Youtube videos that helped originally get him a job in comics. They’re funny.
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Kevin Michael Richardson

The Holy Grail of Talk Like William Shatner Day

Kevin Michael RichardsonEver since Maurice LaMarche established International Talk Like William Shatner Day, Kevin Michael Richardson‘s impression of William Shatner has reached near-legendary status. This has been made all the more frustrating by the fact that there never appeared to be any video of the man doing the impression anywhere. The only reference I could find to it online was that no one could find a video.

That is a problem no more.

I got to talk with him a bit at BotCon yesterday. One of the nicest actors I have ever met at a convention. Seriously, the line for his signature was moving slower than everyone else’s, just because he was making it not just a signature, but an experience. In any event, if you ever wanted to see a 300 lbs. black man doing a dead-on impression of Captain Kirk in the weirdest “Star Trek” episode ever, click on the video.

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Peter Cullen

Tweeting from BotCon

Peter CullenI spent today tweeting from BotCon in Pasadena. Amongst the fun stuff I did today — I found out about the new Transformers MMO coming out next year, and made my own robot using their creation engine. I played the new Transformers game coming out from Activision in a week or so. I got to shake hands with Optimus Prime himself, Peter Cullen. I had a fun talk with the coolest guy in voice over work today, Kevin Michael Richardson, and got him to do his Shatner impression, which will be up tomorrow. I had fun conversations with many geeks about Transformer. I got to talk with Grimlock. Truly, it was a great con experience.

Come share, follow the Twitter feed.

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I’m Tweeting Live Tomorrow and Other News Updates

TranstweeterI will be more than meets the eye tomorrow as I will be at BotCon, doing the live Tweet thing. So make sure to pay attention to the Twitter feed for all kinds of Conmania goodness.

  • Speaking of that goodness, when Gallifrey One announces new guests, they don’t mess around, they announce a bunch! Camille Coduri, Mark Sheppard, Maureen O’brien, Daphne Ashbrook, Michael Troughton, Jane Espenson, Doris Egan and Matthew Dow Smith have all been confirmed.
  • Singer Maon Kurosaki will be a guest of honor at Anime Expo, in addition to holding her debut American concert at Club Nokia.
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BotCon Exclusives

Exclusivebots and Other News Updates

BotCon ExclusivesTransform and roll out! Enjoy the pretty, pretty pictures of BotCon exclusives.

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Mega Megacon Con News and Other News Updates

I hope the title isn’t too confusing, but big news out of Megacon, as they announce their first couple of guests. On the media side of things, Bruce “Tron” Boxleitner and Kate “Captain Janeway” Mulgrew will be there. From the realm of comics, Phil Hester, Paul Gulacy and Billy Tucci will be representing.

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