Stan Lee

Ex-STAN-ded Hours in Albuquerque and Other News Updates

Stan LeeGood news, everybody! Or at least people attending Albuquerque Comic Expo. Stan “The Man” Lee was only supposed to be there the Saturday of the show. But that Stan is a wily one, always zagging just when you think he’s zigging. Turns out, he’s going to be there Sunday as well. Excelsior!

  • Got a whole mess of Anime Expo news. First, if you’ve ordered a badge, you should be getting your confirmation email by Thursday. And when you finally get to the show, AX shelled out the extra sheckles and got the floor of the LA Convention Center carpeted. Yay, because that floor is made out of pure, concentrated evil. Also, they’ve announced their Battle of the Band finalists. President of Nitroplus, Takaki Digitarou Kosaka, has been added as an industry guest. They have new, cheaper price structures. However, it also looks like their Center Stage competition isn’t going to happen this year.
  • Archie writer Craig Boldman is a guest of Cincinnati Comic Expo, as is “The Dead Cell” creator John Barker.
  • I talked a little bit about it before, but here is a better look at the “Hero Illustrated” book debuting at Comic Con International.
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Conterviews – Roberto Orci

Got another Conterview for you today! This one is a short one, because it’s one question taken out of a much larger Q&A session I got to have with the “Transformers: Prime” production crew. This one is specifically with Roberto Orci, who writes and/or produces pretty much everything geeky on television or movies today. I’ll be posting the larger interview in full (or as full as YouTube lets me ) tomorrow, because it’s like 24 minutes long, I had to split it up, and the render time involved means either you get this now and something later, or you get nothing now.

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Me Grimlock Like Conventions!

More Conterviews! I had a chance to talk to Gregg Berger, the voice actor who, amongst other things, played the leader of the Dinobots, Grimlock, on the original Transformers series. I caught him at BotCon, but don’t miss his next convention stops at Florida Supercon and Comic Con International in San Diego.

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Scary Sketches and Other News Updates

Bernie Wrightson is maybe the best known horror comics artist still picking up the pencil today. I mean, the guy created Swamp Thing! And now, assuming you’re going to Albuquerque Comic Expo, you have a chance to get a sketch from him, thanks to the Hero Initiative. Bernie is going to do one sketch on Saturday and one sketch on Sunday of the show for winners of the Ebay auctions that are linked a couple words earlier. Plus, the money goes to the Hero Initiative charity, so you get to do a good deed, get a write-off on your taxes, and get an awesome sketch. The Hero Initiative also announced the schedule for the writers and artists who will be signing and doing sketches at their booth throughout the show, so go check ‘em out.

That’s it, go enjoy your weekend, happy Father’s Day!

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Over the Edge

Rappelling Down a Con and Other News Updates

Over the EdgeSo this one is a little unusual. Long Beach Comic Con is teaming up with Special Olympics Southern California as part of their Over the Edge program. What is it? Raise $1000 for the Special Olympics and you get to rappel down the 16-story Hyatt Regency Long Beach on October 29, 2011, also coincidentally the first day of the con in the hotel connected to the convention center. Hey, I’d do it.

  • Can’t make it to Star Trek Vancouver? And really, after the riots last night, who can? is going to be running live streams of the panels for $7.99 each.
  • Thom “Love and Capes” Zahler is a guest of Cincinnati Comic Expo.
  • More rules on Anime Expo’s Center Stage dance contest.
  • Here’s a general overview on CopperCon 31.
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Corin Nemec

Sychronize Swatches and Other News Updates

Corin NemecI love it for some reason when cons invite a media guest because of a genre project they did, but you really know them for something else. Take Corin Nemec over here. Sure, Megacon might have him as a guest because he was on “Stargate SG-1,” but dude, he’s Parker Lewis! Just like Neil Patrick Harris is always going to be Doogie. They’ve also got Christian Campbell from “Supernatural,” but as far as I know, he wasn’t the lead in any early 90s teen comedies. I guess he did an episode of “Degrassi High,” but that’s not quite the same. Megacon also posted an updated floor plan, but again, the floor plan was never on Fox.

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New York CC Badges

New York Undercover Badges and Other News Updates

Shhh, be quiet, or the zombies will get you! Also, you’re not supposed to see these New York Comic Con show badges sponsored by A&E’s “The Walking Dead” yet! Unless, you know, you’re everybody on Twitter.

  • Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Frank Tieri will be making Megacon a little cooler.
  • Weekend of Horror has announced it’s dates for next year: February 18-19 in what will probably be somewhat overcast Burbank, CA. Hey, it ain’t always sunny here. Kind of gloomy today, actually.
  • Gen Con has their exhibit hall map up. Which is really only half the story. They’re so on the ball, they’ve got a video of their exhibit hall map, giving you the low-down on how to best maneuver yourself through their halls. Although I think it needs the theme song from the A-Team running in the background, to give it the right mission feel. Maybe the Great Escape?

I am serious, I am incredibly impressed with the thought and effort that went into that video.

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Anime, Steranko and Other News Updates

Jim Steranko may be the awesomest guy on earth. He’s undoubtedly the most important comic book artist with the smallest actual output. He’s a former musician, escape artist, the guy Kirby based Mr. Miracle on. He created the way Indiana Jones looks. And he’s going to be at the Cincinnati Comic Expo.

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Pirate Penguin vs. Ninja Chicken

Conterviews: Ray Friesen

Pirate Penguin vs. Ninja ChickenToday’s interview is with indie comics creator Ray Friesen, the mind behind “Pirate Penguin vs. Ninja Chicken.” Which just by coincidence, you can get a look at here. Go watch.

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Conterviews – Whilce Portacio

Whilce Portacio drew one of the very first comic books I started reading on a regular basis. See the Punisher #14 on the left? That’s one of the books that started me down this path. Since then, he has gone on to become one of the seven Image founders, written and drawn his own books, and gone to more conventions than, well, me. I was able to catch up with him and get a little reminiscence from him about conventions in the early days of Image, and a couple of con survival tips. Enjoy!

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