Obama Just Drove Past My Place and Other News Updates

The presidential motorcade just drove past my apartment. Unfortunately, I was trying to get into my apartment at the time, which made it difficult. So no pictures, but I feel like a part of history? Anyway, today’s update is a short one, with no art to go along with anything. Cons need to make more announcements.

  • Were you hoping to get into the NorWesCon Guest of Honor banquet this weekend? Tough. Sold out. Maybe you can get through on charm?
  • Speaking of things going on this weekend, MTAC is using the hashtag #MTACGT11. So use it.
  • Speaking of things happening much later, all tickets for Star Trek Vegas are now available.
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Frank Quitely

Quite Frankly, Frank Quitely and Other News Updates

Frank QuitelyWhen it comes to US comic book conventions, artist of lots of stuff you like Frank Quitely is like the mythical Sasquatch. Boston Comic Con must have captured Bigfoot then, because the guy who draws lots of stuff for Grant Morrison is going to be there.

  • Speaking of attending, the Scarefest has a whole mess of new guest announcements, enough to make it irritating to copy them all down. Britt Griffith and Amy Bruni from “Ghost Hunters,” Chip Coffey from “Psychic Kids” and “Paranormal State” and John Tenney from “Paranormal State: The New Class” were in the first announcement, while Ben Hansen from SyFy’s “Fact or Faked” and what I’m guessing is the rest of the cast of “Paranormal State: The New Class” was in the second.
  • On the less happy side, comic guys Mike Mignola and Mike Perkins, only one of whom is British, had to drop out of Heroes Con. Although they are already committed for 2012.
  • Likewise, Pollyanna McIntosh had to drop out of Texas Frightmare, But she’s been replaced by actress Carlee Baker.
  • Also on the good news front, NorWesCon has more parking.
  • And last but not least, check out Lousianime’s program guide cover.

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Sarah Jane Flies the TARDIS No More and Other News Updates

Elisabeth Sladen

Sad news today in the world of Dr. Who fandom, as Elisabeth Sladen, better known as companion Sarah Jane Smith and titular star of “The Sarah Jane Adventures” has died after a battle with cancer. It’s a rough year so far for Who actors — first the Brig past on, then Michael Gough, now Sarah Jane.

  • In happier news, Paul Pope is a guest at Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Unless you can’t get into Canada, in which case, boo?
  • Fanaticon2 needs volunteers to be official cosplayers. They’ll supply costumes, but if you want to buy your own, this place’ll give you free shipping,.
  • CoreCon’s website is up.
  • Anime Expo is introducing this year the Anime & Manga Studies Symposium, dedicated to the academic study of Japanese popular culture. You can even be on the panel, just scroll down towards the bottom of the page.
  • Texas Frightmare Weekend has their convention guide online. Which you can also see in the pretty little picture to the right.
  • ZOMBCON needs brains… and volunteers for NorWesCon.
  • Comic Con International has pre-paid parking available. Or had. C’mon, it’s San Diego, by the time I manage to get any news up, you know there’s a good chance it’s already sold out.
  • And last but certainly not least, a whole mess of news out of Botcon. Want to make a Transformers fan film? You could win $200 (in show dollars, so you probably have to be there if you want to actually use the prize) in their fan film competition. They also have space in their Artist Alley. Finally, I’ve made a couple of posts about their Hall of Fame voting. Turns out Grimlock has a favorite in the competition. Or his original voice actor, Gregg Berger, does in any event. Press play on the Youtube video. Just do it. It will make you happy.

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Change Into a Blue Uniform and Other News

ChangeOK, this isn’t the best news, but it’s by far the best art that went with a relatively slow news day. Florida Super Con posted this image along with the relatively cryptic message of “Change is coming to Florida Supercon! Join Cobra… or else! Info coming soon.” What that means? I don’t know. But fun image.

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A Look at the Future of Conmania

So, for those three loyal readers out there, do you remember a couple weeks ago when I ran the preview for Conmania 101? Since then, I’ve been putting up the video guides on the weekend. Why? Because there tends to be no news on the weekend, and I’m not always available to type it up, anyway. Last week, I was camping in the desert. Tomorrow, which is technically today, I’m in San Diego, although having nothing to do with anything convention-wise, just a coincidence. So why am I telling you this? Because this week, I was going to have another video, but the special effects got out of hand I couldn’t put it together in time. Also, the shoe for my tripod got misplaced, and I couldn’t find it until it was too late to do all the shooting I needed to do.

If you read Friday’s blog entry, you’ll see I do a little bit of name dropping. The next video is going to have more of that. Go to enough conventions, people start to know you. Wander around the convention’s nearest bar, and you’ll have a decent chance of hoisting a few with the very people you just had sign your book, or collector’s DVD, or whatever. I’ve got a few stories I could tell… some of which I can’t, because telling them would make me a jerk betraying someone else’s trust. But some I can. And assuming everything doesn’t go all wonky over the next seven days, that is going to be the focus of next Saturday’s video.

And just in case you haven’t noticed, the Youtube video is just an animated gif. Stop trying to make it play.

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Grimlock for HOF

Me, Grimlock in Hall of Fame and Other News Updates

Grimlock for HOFSorry for the lack of wacky intro, but in a bit of a rush to get the news out today.

  • Botcon has set up a Facebook page for their Transformers Hall of Fame voting. They have some wacky banners for the voting as well on the photo page, which is where I snagged this puppy.
  • I-CON 30 is not sold out. You can still buy tickets at the box office.
  • Discworld Convention 2012 tix are now available.
  • Kids Comic Con program is up.
  • Want to get your art in the Comic Con International program? Of course you do. Better hurry though, deadline is April 29.
  • Baltimore Comic Con has a Formspring page. Go ask them something.
  • Gen Con has almost finalized their games.
  • Detroit Fanfare ticket sales start Monday morning.
  • Special FX artist Greg Nicotero is going to be at Spooky Empire’s May-Hem.C2E2-2011-Signed-Program
  • C2E2 is auctioning off a convention program signed by, and I quote, “Brian Michael Bendis, Adam Hughes, Gail Simone, Terry Moore, Gene Ha, Jill Thompson, C.B. Cebulski, Tony Moore, Cliff Chiang, David Mack, Jamal Igle, Tyler Kirkham, Kevin Maguire, Paul Cornell, Mike Norton, Stanford Greene, Skottie Young, Yildiray Cinar and many more!” Proceeds go to Japanese Disaster Relief Society.
  • Pre-reging for MTAC? You get a free download from one of their guests, The Slants.
  • Artist Kurt Einhaus will be at Derby City Con.
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Dapper Men in Florida and Other News Updates

Some days, the top news story is the top news story just because it’s the only one I could come up with art for. Not that “Return of the Dapper Men” artist Janet Lee attending Florida Supercon isn’t news, but it’s about the only story today with any kind of art that I could attach to it. Well, maybe the next one, but no one really knows what Boba Fett looks like without his mask.

  • Speaking of which, original Boba Fett actor Jeremy Bulloch, guy who basically restarted the Star Wars franchise in the 90s Timothy Zahn, Jeremy Bulloch, author Katherine Kurtz and musicians Denise Vasquez and Randy Martinez are guests of honor at ShevaCon 2012. OK, I know what Boba Fett looks like without his mask on, but these days, that’s basically an old, if in good shape, British guy.
  • Koyama Press will have over 20 creators attending Toronto Comic Art Expo.
  • Last open house for Anime Expo volunteers is on April 16th in Anaheim.
  • Fargo Con is also looking for volunteers.
  • It only took three hours for EXP Con attendees to book 40% of the con’s hotel space. So much for procrastination.
  • Twilight New Jersey tix are on sale.
  • San Japan tix, on the other hand, have just a couple of days left at the pre-reg rates.
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