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Raybin Management, LLC is the most respected name in the entertainment memorabilia world. From props, wardrobe and autographs to licensing and personal appearances, Raybin Management, LLC has it all. The company has exclusive props and wardrobe agreements with the top producers in the entertainment world. Raybin also has exclusive autograph and personal appearance agreements with some of Hollywood’s top actors, including the stars of the blockbuster SAW Movies. In addition, Raybin is the producer of SAWMANIA, the huge SAW event for SAW fans. The company is also extensively involved in the licensing and merchandising of entertainment properties.

Raybin Management, LLC is based in Greenwich, CT. For over 35 years, John Raybin (the President of Raybin Management, LLC) has been one of the leaders in the memorabilia industry. John Raybin has been a senior executive and a consultant for Upper Deck, Score Board, Marvel, Fleer, Priceline and many other leading companies. John Raybin, has been an editor, columnist and writer for every major sports and entertainment hobby publication including: Beckett, Sports Collectors Digest, Tuff Stuff and Sports Look Magazine. SCT Magazine and Tuff Stuff have named him as one of the “Most Important and Powerful People in The Collecting Industry.” In 1995, John created the first full-service Web site devoted to sports and entertainment collecting.

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