SDCC ExclusivesIt’s an all-robot day here at Conmania! Well, mostly robot. Check out the guy to the left, that’s the exclusive Optimus Prime Matrix of Leadership being sold by Hasbro for San Diego this year.

  • Continuing with the Transformers theme, Hasbro is selling tickets for BotCon’s Hall of Fame awards directly.
  • And if that weren’t enough, Michael Bay is going to show up with scenes from the new movie. Random thought, but I’ve already been apologized to personally for the second movie by one of the producers. Maybe I can go for the sweep?
  • And hopefully I’ve filled up enough space that the images don’t crash together too much. Which is why I made all the BotCon news separate bullet points, because this did all need to go together, but the big Optimus picture needed to go first. But check it out, BotCon TV commercial.

  • That will conclude our Transformers portion of the evening. Now on to Terminators: Summer Glau is going to be at Calgary Expo.
  • This one is wacky awesome — A-Kon is hosting a screening of “Street Fighter: The Movie.” You know, the Van Damme one. But the wacky awesome part? They got Kyle Herbert, the voice of Ryu in “Street Fighter IV,” to do live running commentary. Which I assume means that when Ryu finally kinda sorta does a hadoken, he will provide the appropriate sound effect.
  • InterventionCon has some news about their zombie LARP event, Interfection.
  • Hatsune Miku’s concert at Anime Expo is almost all sold out. Although by the time you read this it might be.
  • And man this final post doesn’t work as well without a picture, but here it is anyway… Bruce the Shark has arrived at Spooky Empire.
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