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SDCC Exclusives

Transformers, Terminators and Other News Updates

SDCC ExclusivesIt’s an all-robot day here at Conmania! Well, mostly robot. Check out the guy to the left, that’s the exclusive Optimus Prime Matrix of Leadership being sold by Hasbro for San Diego this year.

  • Continuing with the Transformers theme, Hasbro is selling tickets for BotCon’s Hall of Fame awards directly.
  • And if that weren’t enough, Michael Bay is going to show up with scenes from the new movie. Random thought, but I’ve already been apologized to personally for the second movie by one of the producers. Maybe I can go for the sweep?
  • And hopefully I’ve filled up enough space that the images don’t crash together too much. Which is why I made all the BotCon news separate bullet points, because this did all need to go together, but the big Optimus picture needed to go first. But check it out, BotCon TV commercial.

  • That will conclude our Transformers portion of the evening. Now on to Terminators: Summer Glau is going to be at Calgary Expo.
  • This one is wacky awesome — A-Kon is hosting a screening of “Street Fighter: The Movie.” You know, the Van Damme one. But the wacky awesome part? They got Kyle Herbert, the voice of Ryu in “Street Fighter IV,” to do live running commentary. Which I assume means that when Ryu finally kinda sorta does a hadoken, he will provide the appropriate sound effect.
  • InterventionCon has some news about their zombie LARP event, Interfection.
  • Hatsune Miku’s concert at Anime Expo is almost all sold out. Although by the time you read this it might be.
  • And man this final post doesn’t work as well without a picture, but here it is anyway… Bruce the Shark has arrived at Spooky Empire.
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Adrienne Barbeau

Adrienne Barbeau-bots and Other News Updates

Adrienne BarbeauGood news Canada: Adrienne Barbeau, star of TV’s “Maude,” will be visiting you at the Calgary Expo. OK, they are more likely having her as star of stuff like “The Fog,” “Swamp Thing” and the voice of Catwoman on “Batman: The Animated Series.” But I’m going to go with “Maude.”

  • Artist Dustin Nguyen is a guest at Long Beach Comic Con.
  • Pro gamer and “Street Fighter IV” whiz Justin Wong will be ruining the curve at the video game competition at Albuquerque Comic Expo.
  • Giveaways time! Anime Expo is giving away stuff for liking their Maid Cafe and doing a few other things on Facebook. You can win hand knit items from Ai, a batch of Pok√©mon cookies from Ri-Chan, a custom pillow from Usagi, a caricature of yourself with a maid from Lowen, or even a 4-day badge to Anime Expo 2011.
  • Also, the aforementioned Calgary Expo is giving away tickets to Slayer and Rob Zombie at their Macabre Masquerade.
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Hero Flyer

Be a Hero in Phoenix and Other News Updates

Hero Flyer

Are you going to Phoenix Comicon this weekend? Want to save some money while helping out a good cause? The Hero Initiative is blowing out their inventory at the show — that includes sale prices on everything from the brand new “New Avengers 100 Project” books to t-shirts for only $5. They even have the Stan’s Soapbox book for 55% off, which is important because I personally had to retype all of Stan’s columns for that book.

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Macho Man RIP

We are Now Less Macho and Other News Updates

Macho Man RIPI’m not 100% sure whether or not he ever attended a convention, but I feel the need to run this as top story anyway — Randy “Macho Man” Savage is dead. Which makes me sad. I will snap into a Slim Jim and flying elbow someone in his honor.

  • And because I’m in no mood for segue ways Sohei Niikawa, creator of the video game series Disgaea, is a guest of honor at Anime Expo.
  • Artist David Michael Beck will be at Cincinnati Comic Expo.
  • Were you planning on going to the Supernatural Nashville convention? If you have some extra money, they have one heck of a special event planned. Show stars Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson are throwing a jam session concert for a maximum of 50 people. To get a ticket, you have to win an auction, with the minimum bid at $150.
  • Comicpalooza has their schedule online.
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More Events Than Meet the Eye and Other News Updates

  • It’s another relatively quiet one today, Conmaniacs. Enough that a schedule of events posting places higher than a new guest posting, But you’ll see why where I get to it. The biggest news today is probably BotCon publishing their schedule of events. So all those bigger announcements earlier in the week all filter into this.
  • Scarefest added a few new speakers: Johnny Houser and Matt Pursell from The Parallel radio show. And that’s why I posted the BotCon news first — because I could think of a better headline.
  • A-Kon put up an FAQ about their badges.
  • Finally, NW Pinball might be giving away a Tron pinball table. Not that I’m one to print rumors, even ones brought up by the convention, but it’s that kind of day today.
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Everyone’s at San Diego and Other News Updates

MommaAny other convention, and these announced guests would make for one of the greatest featured guest line ups ever! At San Diego though, to quote the late, great Raul Julia as Bison in “Street Fighter: The Movie,” “It was Tuesday.” Or Thursday, Wednesday evening if you get into preview night, but the point is most of these people show up pretty regularly. Gerry Alanguilan, Garth Ennis, Tsuneo Goda, Mell Lazarus, Jim Lee, David Lloyd, Ethan and Malachai Nicolle, Anders Nilsen, Scott Shaw!, Louise Simonson and Walter Simonson are all going to be there. Although… I think it may have been a while since Ennis and the Simonsons have shown up. And I don’t think I’ve ever run into Mell “Momma” Lazarus there. Although that’s purely working off of my memory. I suppose I could go through old convention handbooks and try to figure that out, but that would also mean finding them, assuming I haven’t thrown them out.

  • Continuing with the guest announcements, Jewel “Kaylee” Staite is a lock for Vulcan Events: Orlando. And now I’m thinking I should have run this post first, just so I could run a picture of her instead of Momma. Oh well.
  • “Avengers Academy” artist Mike McKone is headed for Long Beach Comic Con. I don’t feel so bad about not running his picture. Long Beach also Lena Headeyannounced the judges of their Might & Fright Film Festival: Briana Evigan, Lena Headey, Jim Krueger, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Jon Schnepp. You know, I think this may be the first time a good chunk of those people have actually been announced as guests. Seems to me that’s as good a reason as any to run a pic of Headey. Man, I miss the Terminator TV show. That was good watching.
  • Arlene Banas, who was the voice of Spike’s romantic interest Carly on the original Transformers show, is the final announced guest at BotCon.
  • Hey, a trivia showdown between Star Wars and Star Trek nerds at Fanaticon.
  • You want panels? Derby City Comic Con has some.
  • Albuquerque Comic Expo’s website went down. As an apology, they have a coupon code for $10 off a $50 purchase, although it doesn’t count for VIP packages or upgrades, and it’s only good for 24 hours. And the post was made three hours ago. And really, who knows when you’re reading this, as opposed to when I wrote it?
  • Anime Expo has an exhibitor list up. They also have an update on their rewards program, letting you carry over points to next year.
  • ShevaCon has a new hotel.
  • PAX Prime is almost all sold out. OK, not quite San Diego speeds, but pretty close, considering the show is still around three months away.
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People Never in my Kitchen at SugoiCon and Other News Updates

Years ago, there was an episode of “Cheers” where know-it-all mailman Cliff Clavin went on “Jeopardy!”, bet everything on Final Jeopardy despite being up by an astronomical amount, and gave as his answer (OK, technically question) “Who are three people who’ve never been in my kitchen.” The following SugoiCon guests have never been in my kitchen: Dan Hess, James Hatton, Rokuchan and Richard Townsend. Also Chris Ayres, Josh Grelle and Ian Sinclair.

Dan Hess

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Jack Angel at BotCon

California Angels and Other News Updates

Jack Angel at BotConJack Angel that is. He’s the voice artist responsible for all the Transformers you see in the picture, a bunch of G.I. Joes, Flash and Samurai on the Super Friends, and a ton of other voices. And he’s making what is apparently his first ever convention appearance at BotCon, which is in Pasadena, which is in California, so the headline makes sense. Nothing like explaining your bad jokes.

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Edward James Olmos

A Double Dose of Olmos and Other News Updates

Edward James Olmos

  • Say you’re going to Comicpalooza. You’re a huge fan of the movie “Stand and Deliver,” which is awesome, because Edward James Olmos is going to be there. But then you find out your great-aunt died, and because of the funeral, the only day you can go to the show is on Sunday. That makes you sad. I will make you happy, however. Olmos is now going to be there for the entire weekend. Rejoice!
  • In bad news/good news, Robert “Freddy” Englund is not going to be at Weekend of Horrors. Which sucks, but they’ve still got a pretty impressive line up. To, in the good news department, they’ve added “Halloween” actress Danielle Harris. Not as important in the history of horror movies as Englund, but arguably easier on the eyes.
  • Mike “Hellboy” Mignola (and really, how awesome is that to basically now have the middle name of Hellboy) has been announced for New York Comic Con.
  • First 100 people who register for Anime Expo’s AX Maid Cafe online get a free autographed picture of the maids.
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Left Turn at Albuquerque and Other News Updates

  • I know boxes doesn’t seem like that exciting an image. But that’s because you don’t know what is inside the boxes. OK, it still might not be exciting, but if you’re attending the Albuquerque Comic Expo, you’ll be getting your share of the half-ton of swag DC sent over in 48 boxes.Yeah, I know I mentioned it yesterday, but the boxes and more precise figures made it interesting enough to mention again. Also, check out their commercial that’s going to be on The CW, My50, SyFy, G4 and Cartoon Network.
  • Ready for whole bunches of Weekend of Horror news? First, an addition to the guest list, Sybil Danning is going to be on the Women of Horror panel. They’ve also taken their social media up a notch with a Formspring page and Tumblr links.
  • Continuing with the horror cons, Felissa Rose AND Jonathan Tiersten from the 80s classic “Sleepaway Camp” will be at Scarefest.
  • If you were at Texas Frightmare Weekend, they have an online survey for you to take. And I think that does it for the scary stuff.
  • Unless you consider Ernest Borgnine scary. He’s going to be at the next Hollywood Show.
  • Voice artists Tony Oliver, Lisa Ortiz and Tom Wayland will be at Otacon.
  • Speaking of voice over people, Morgan Lofting, who was Firestar and Moonracer on the original “Transformers,” as well as being the Baroness on “G.I. Joe,” will be at BotCon. And because I don’t think I mentioned this one before, so will Flint Dille, who I think wrote on every cartoon show I watched as a kid ever, and on an unrelated note, is the grandson of the guy who created Buck Rogers, has the narrator of “300″ named after him, and is supposedly the namesake for Flint on “G.I. Joe.”
  • You can put in nominations for the Steamcon III Airship Awards until June 30.
  • And finally, this news is already old, but PAX Prime is quickly running out of tickets — they’re under a thousand left for Saturday. I guess that’s still true, but I’m guessing they were closer to the thousand mark when they originally made the comment.
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