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My shirts

I Got a Ton of Captain America Shirts Today

My shirtsWow, I got a lot of Captain America shirts at Comic-Con today. It does help though that I got to see the first screening of Captain America: The First Avenger. Which is an amazing movie. Go see it.

I’ve found that if you know a certain product is going to have a ton of swag, if you wear a t-shirt and mask related to that, people give you more things. And I apologize if this is a little random, I meant to post a ton of pics from Con, but the battery on the phone went out. D’oh. Expect a bunch tomorrow.

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I'm going to Con!

Turns Out, I’m At Comic-Con Today!

I'm going to Con!So it turns out, I’ll be covering Comic-Con all weekend! So just a heads up, keep your eyes tuned to Conmania’s Twitter feed to get the full convention experience! You should already be following, but if you aren’t, DO IT NOW!!!

Also, just in case you are sharp-eyed, that’s my pass from last year. I haven’t picked up my press pass yet. And yes, last year I went as inker extraordinaire Scott Koblish. Because I haven’t paid for a convention ticket in years.

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So Close You Can Taste It and Other News Updates

Do you count Comic-Con as starting on the first actual day, or on Preview Night? Either way, it's almost here. So it's a good thing they posted their games schedule. There are also going to be food trucks parked at the 1st/Island/2nd/J lot, While the San Diego Convention Center is pretty close to many places that serve food, I pretty much survived off of food trucks while at Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

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Gary Kurtz

Oh My God It’s This Week and Other News Updates

Gary KurtzHah! Comic-Con, thinks it’s so great, well I’m not going to lead off with you! Because FanExpo Canada has Gary Kurtz! He was George Lucas’ co-producer on everything up to Empire. Last time I know of he attended a fan convention, he kinda blasted George for selling out. Who knows what wackiness he’ll get up to this time? Also, they’ve got speed dating. Which I’m assuming is completely separate from Gary Kurtz.

  • Hah! Comic-Con doesn’t go now, either! Want to talk about Otakon on Twitter? Use the hashtag #otakon. Easy!
  • At Comi… FOOLED YOU! Anime Expo 2012 may be 11 months or so off, but you can already RSVP.
  • Speaking of which, TrekTrax Atlanta is scheduled for April 20-22.
  • OK, OK, Comic-Con news. Here’s information about official scheduling happening at nearby hotels. There, are you happy?
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Where to Eat at Comic-Con

RalphsLet me tell you, there have been many years where I have pretty much survived at Comic-Con by eating at the Ralphs across the street from Horton Plaza. It’s almost a tradition for me at this point, even if I have the money to eat someplace better, at some point, I’m grabbing a corn dog out of the hot deli there. It’s a little bit of a walk from the con, but without a doubt it is the cheapest place to get a healthy meal within walking distance, corn dogs aside.

Still, if you’re looking to get some grub not marked with a price tag, Comic-Con has put together a handy guide in PDF format for you. It even has places serving convention specials.

Heck, while I’m at it, I made this video two years ago about cheap places to eat surrounding the con. It’s a little out of date now — there’s a Subway much closer in the Gaslamp District now — but it should give you some good ideas.

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On T-Shirts and Comic-Con

T-shirtOh yes, you will get many free t-shirts as swag while attending Comic-Con. Many you will wear at best once, if that, but you will try to get them all anyway, because they are free t-shirts you can only get at Comic-Con. That’s just the way it works. You will fight tooth and nail to get them, only for them to sit at the bottom of a drawer for eternity, because you can only get them at Comic-Con.

I have a theory that I could not pack any t-shirts to Comic-Con and survive from Wednesday’s Preview Night through the close of the show on Sunday without going topless. Unfortunately, I’m only going from Friday to Sunday this year, which isn’t nearly as impressive a feat, but one day, I will prove this theory, this I swear.

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Really? Another Almost All Comic-Con and Other News Updates?

Man, it’s like the rest of the convention news world shuts down for Comic-Con!

  • I know we all like to complain that Comic-Con isn’t enough about the comics anymore, but the schedules for Anime screenings, the Autograph Area, the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, now with movie synopses, the San Diego International Children’s Film Festival and thePortfolio Review schedule are all live. Actually, wait, the portfolio review, those would be comics. Never mind.
  • New panelists have been added to the ICv2 Conference on Comics, Media, and Digital at Comic-Con. They’re mostly business people, so I’m not going to name them here, but it should be an interesting discussion on the financial future of comics.
  • This year’s Eisner Awards are sponsored by AMD. Which is kind of odd, having a company that produces microprocessors sponsoring the premiere comic book awards, but… I really can’t think of a but what. It’s just kind of weird. It’s also going to be hosted by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, so expect mustaches and short shorts, because despite the fact they’ve been doing comedy since MTV’s The State, I’m stuck on Reno 911.
  • Non Comic-Con News! Are you going to PAX? Monday is your last chance to change addresses before the badges are shipped!
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Almost Comic-Con and Other News Updates

Is it Comic-Con time yet? No? How about now? While you're waiting, go read all your transportation options. I can't believe they finally opened that pedestrian bridge between the convention center and PETCO Park. That is going to take a good couple minutes off my walk from my secret parking place that no I will not tell you where it is.

  • Otakon has a couple additions to its guest list -- sci fi and fantasy writer Peter S. Beagle and Madhouse Studios founder Masao Maruyama.
  • Star Trek Boston's schedule is up.
  • Long Beach Comic Con has some updates for their Artist's Alley.
  • There is going to be a special announcement of some kind at D23 at a "storytelling event" featuring writers Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson and actor David Arquette. Your guess is as good as mine. Better, even.
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All the Comic-Con News You Can Handle and Other News Updates

So much news coming out of San Diego, it’s enough to make you think there’s a giant convention happening there in a week and a half!

  • Need maps? Here are some.
  • Need to know how to pick up your badge? Read here.
  • Need a bag to carry around all the stuff you get at Comic-Con? The show is teaming up with Warner Bros. for the official bags this year, featuring art from “The Big Bang Theory,” “Fringe,” “Supernatural,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Green Lantern: The Animated Series,” “The Looney Tunes Show,” “ThunderCats,” “Batman: Arkham City,” “LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5–7” and “Justice League.” And they even convert into backpacks. Yay!
  • Michael “Hicks” Biehn is going to be at Fan Expo Canada.
  • Cincinnati Comic Expo is going to have artist Dustin Carson, Jack Knifley and Woodrow Hinton III in attendance.
  • Otakon has bios up for participants in their Otaku Idol contest.
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I’m Going to San Diego and Other News Updates

It’s funny, every year for the past several years, I say I’m not going to Comic-Con this year. And somehow, I always end up going. Well, it turns out, after telling everyone that I was skipping out on Comic-Con this year, it looks like I’ll be there Friday through Sunday. Expect lots of pics and stuff. So that’s news. Which is good, because today’s is light.

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